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GSM Module for CooVox U50 and U100 not illuminating on front Panel
Please beware that there is a change in firmware version 1.0.5 of the CooVox series which means that the red lights on the front panel relating to GSM functionality will only illuminate if a SIM card
How do I determine the default IP address on the Atcom Ag198
First connect an analogue handset to the AG198 Pick up the handset and dial #*111# The IVR on the AG198 will announce the IP address of the device.
How to access a Zycoo ZX Series IPPBX when you don’t know its IP Address
The default IP Address for the ZX Series IPPBX is If you can’t access the device by this address and the sys light is on then please try one of the following scenarios. 1…If t
How to add custom sound files to Zycoo CooVox system
If you wish to replace the standard Zycoo soun files with customised ones then you can do this by following the process below. Step 1: You will need to have several applications that will assist you i
How to change Logo on Yealink SIP T28
The file below details the process and includes the installation files required to change the logo on the Yealink T28 to a customised one. Known Issues- Found issues if the ima
How to enable SSH Access in Atcom IP0X PBX Version 2 and above
You have probably noticed if you have upgraded to the V2.0 firmware that you can no longer access the device by SSH. Don’t worry, the functionality is only turned off and you need to enable it.
How to factory reset a CooVox series IPPBX when you have no access to the Web GUI
At the same time as plugging in the power cord, press RST button on the back of the CooVox until SYS led goes off. This will be reset the unit to factory default. This method resets the whole system
How to perform a full system restore on Zycoo CooVox IPPBX
In addition to performing a factory default reset, it is also possible to do full system restore which is a full rebuild of the CooVox system. It take around 10 minutes for the process below to comple
How to recover a Rainbow Series phone after it has failed during firmware update (safe mode)
The Rainbow Series phones have a safe mode recovery option that allows a phone to be recovered in the event of a failed firmware update. You will need TFTP server software. Tftpd32 is free to downloa
How to Resolve Issues with CooVox IPPBX PSTN and UK CallerID
As of firmware version 1.0.5 there remains an issue with UK Callerid not functioning on Analogue PSTN lines. As an interim solution, Zycoo has issued callerid convertor units that sit in line with the
How to upgrade Atcom IPPBX from Version 1.4.0 to Version 2.0?
The upgrade from version 1.4.0 version firmware to version 2.0 or higher needs to be undertaken using TFTP and can be configured from within the GUI. For best results use the Firefox browser.
IVR voice prompt commands for Linksy ATA's
Both the Sipura and the Linksys ATAs have built in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) into their firmware. You can access this IVR by using a connected phone and pressing **** (the star button 4
New Atcom password for IP0x on SSH V4 series
Instructions below detail how to enable ssh on IP0x models with V4 firmware. In a web browser go to pbx_ip/cgi-bin/apbxgui.cgi?sshon to enable ssh The root password is atcomapbx168
Performing Call Transfers on Siemens Gigaset Range of phones
The easiest way to perform transfers with the siemens gigaset range involves changing a setting in the web interface first. Browse to the IP address, login and click on settings". Go to the "tel
Upgrade Process for Zycoo Coovox version 1.0.5 firmware
The process for upgrading Zycoo CooVox devices to version 1.0.5 firmware is detailed below The update has two files and both must be updated using TFTP (we use the free tftpbood.exe) Also use firefox
What are the Default Passwords for ZX Series IPPBX’s
The default passwords for ZX Series IPPBX are: GUI Username – admin Password – admin SSH Username – root Password – myippbx
What is the root SSH password on Zycoo CooVox IPPBX
The default username for SSH access to CooVox U Series devices is root. The password is the last eight characters (all numbers and letters and no colons) of the mac address. Letters should be in upper