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How to add custom sound files to Zycoo CooVox system
Last Updated: 17/10/2014
If you wish to replace the standard Zycoo soun files with customised ones then you can do this by following the process below.

Step 1: You will need to have several applications that will assist you in completing this task, 7-zip for extracting the sound files onto your Windows machine (If sound files are supplied in compressed format), which can be downloaded from and download the latest version from the top of the page, please install this now.

PSCP.exe for copy the files from your windows machine onto the Zycoo PBX, which can be downloaded from please install this now, I normally save this to the root of c:\.

Step 2: The sound files are normally saved in a ZIP for RAR compressed file, if you right-click on the file, highlight the 7-zip entry, this will open up, now left-click on the ‘extract files here’ option, this will unzip your sound files into the directory where you sound files reside.

Once you have unzipped your sound files, you will have a base folder called sounds, this folder will have several sub folders, all these are need to be copied to the Zycoo PBX.

Please remember where you unzipped the sound files too, I normally create a folder on the root of the c: drive called soundfiles i.e. mkdir c:\soundfiles

Step 3: Open a windows command shell (DOS screen), you will need to know the root password of the Zycoo PBX (last eight characters of MAC address with letters in upper case) and it’s IPaddress.

Step 4: Once you have the command shell up, you will need to enter the following text and press the enter key to complete the file transfer process: pscp.exe –scp –r c:/soundfiles/sounds root@PBXIP:/var/lib/asterisk/ Example : pscp.exe –scp –r c:/soundfiles root@

To exit the command shell, type exit and press the enter key.

Step 5: Please restart your Zycoo PBX from within the PBX’s web interface, this will complete the update process.

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