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ZYCOO UC PRO Extra Edition CTI Client


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UC PRO Extra Edition

Select Version of UC PRO EXTRA:


UC Pro is a powerful unified communication software suite which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration between their ZYCOO CooVox telephone system and their internal business system. UC Pro‚ allows end users to work more collaboratively and collectively, getting information about callers quickly and efficiently. The UC Pro product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install.

The suite is a multi-platform CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) product, that designed to help users make optimal use of their telephone system:

  • Get full control of your handset from your computer. No need to remember codes for pickup and transfers etc
  • Integration with a wide range of CRMs including salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, vTiger, XING, Zoho, SAGE and other applications.

There are 3 variants of UC PRO

  • Standards offers all core functionality including Outlook integration, instant messaging, address book and full control from your PC or MAC
  • Extra offers all of standard plus some additional features such as advanced user presence
  • Integrator off all of standard and extra plus you can integrate with a host of popular CRM's and business applications out of the box

Product Architecture

The Benefits

  • Know who is calling before answer the call (Pop-up window)
  • Quick access to the caller's full details.
  • Improve call handling and the caller's experience.
  • Find contacts quickly from recent dial and call history lists.
  • Store regular contacts in a shared phone book.
  • Locate and dial contacts from CRM database and other integrated applications.


Easy searching in shared phone book, also search MS Outlook, Lotus notes, Apple (OS X) contacts and Google contacts;

Integrator (version can search for contacts in integrated CRM database or applications Once contact is found, just click the number to dial.)

Right click the name you searched out, you can:
Consult transfer (speak to person you are transferring the call to).
Transfer (transfer to someone else without first speaking to them).

A graphic virtual BLF that shows you:
Users, Extension, status, department, call groups etc.

You can pickup an unanswered inbound call that is ringing on a busy colleague's phone.
Reduce the number of missed inbound calls to your company, reduce missed business opportunities.

Send message to one or more colleagues, rich text and hyperlinks are supported in the messages.
Pop-up display messages.

Call recipient’s details are displayed,

  • Telephone Number
  • Location
  • Local Time

Various options for quick dialing from the system tray pop-up:

  • Type the number to dial
  • Type partial name and the address book and integrated applications will be searched.

  • Overview of your recent call activity
  • Click any number to quickly redial a contact you recently spoke to.
  • A log of your recent inbound, outbound and missed calls.
  • Filter by direction, answered, missed, call duration.
  • Click on a number to dial
    • The clipboard is monitored by UC Pro client
  • If what appears to be a phone number is copied into clipboard, UC Pro tray icon will display a bubble where you can click the number to dial
  • Outgoing call can be dialed directly from the application
  • UC Pro will display an icon next to every phone number in integrated application, when click the icon will dial an outgoing call
  • Automatically checks the selected field for a phone number, and provides a dial button next it.
  • Recognize phone numbers on websites
  • The number is displayed as a hyperlink
  • Click the link to dial it.

    UC Pro Integrations: UC Pro interops with third-party applications, includes: CRMs, Skype for business, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Calender, etc. Please download full list HERE

    30 days free trial
    UC Pro can be set up for a 30 day trial simply by downloading and installing the server software as normal. Leave the license serial number field blank and click the Register for trial button (the server must have access to the public internet for this to work). This will provision the system with the following licenses for a period of 30 days:

    • 10 UC Pro Standard licenses
    • 10 UC Pro Integrator licenses
    • 1 UC Pro Operator Console license
    • 1 UC Pro TAPI Driver license  

    Please note, there is no need to re-install the software should you wish upgrade it to a permanent license. Simply purchase and register an authorized license serial number will make the installation permanent.


    • Windows 7 (SP1)
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2008 R2        
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • 32 bit and 64 bit 

    Note: UC Pro is not supported on a Windows server that is also configured as a Windows domain controller. 

    SQL Server Requirement

    » SQL Server Express 2008 R2 (recommended and shipped with software)

    Minimum Hardware Requirement

    » Processor: As advised by Microsoft for Windows Operating Systems specified above
    » 2GB Memory
    » 20GB free hard drive space
    » Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network (not wireless)

    Virtual environments are supported e.g. VMware, Hyper-V.

    Note:An UC Pro server installation may co-exist with other applications on a shared server. However, if the machine experiences performance issues then a dedicated server should be used.

    PC Windows Client- Minimum Specifications
    Operating Systems

    » Windows Server 2008 and 2012
    » Windows Vista
    » Windows 7 Professional
    » Windows 8 (Desktop mode)
    » Windows 10
    » 32 bit and 64 bit

    Minimum Hardware Requirement
    » 1.8 GHz Pentium-class processor
    » SVGA display
    » 2GB Memory
    » 1GB free hard drive space
    » Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network
    » Keyboard and mouse
    Apple Mac Client- Minimum Specifications
    Operating Systems
    » OSX Version 10.7: Lion
    » OSX Version 10.8: Mountain Lion
    » OSX Version 10.9: Mavericks
    » OSX Version 10.10: Yosemite
    » OSX Version 10.11: El Capitan
    » Mac with 64bit processor
    Minimum Hardware Requirement
    » Mac with an Intel processor
    » SVGA display
    » 1GB Memory
    » 1GB free hard drive space
    » Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network
    » Keyboard and mouse





    Document Version Size Release Date Download
    UC Pro Server Installation Guide V1.0 744 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    UC Pro Operator V1.0 766 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    UC Pro License Guide V1.0 196 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    UC Pro TAPI Driver Installation Guide V1.0 325 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    Web Page Dialing Setting Guide V1.0 2.04 MB Sep. 1, 2016
    Skype for Business Integration V1.0 448 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    Call Events Setting V1.0 560 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    UC Pro Integration List V1.0 199 KB Sep. 1, 2016
    Application Integration Guide V1.0 3.87 MB Sep. 1, 2016




    Software Version Size Release Date Download
    UC Pro Client (Windows) V1.0 79.8 MB Sep. 1, 2016
    UC Pro Client ( Mac) V1.0 7.82 MB Sep. 1, 2016
    UC Pro Server V1.0 212 MB Sep. 1, 2016



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